How to Make Your Resume Photo Stand Out from Others

How to Make Your Resume Photo Stand Out from Others

We’ve already discussed how to properly make photos for your resume. Now, it would be great to focus on making your photo stand out from others when applying for a job. Well, assuming that the job application requires you to submit a photo along with your resume, it would be nice to know a few more tricks to get noticed by employers.

You would probably think that “good looking” individuals have the upper hand when it comes to job applications, but in reality, people get hired because their skills fit the job perfectly. The thing is – your resume photo says a lot about your character, whether you’re the kind of person who takes a job seriously, or not. Making your resume photo stand out from others is definitely one of the elements of a good resume.

  • High Quality Pictures

No one would want to look at your terrible passport or webcam pictures. If you’re going to use a photo for your resume, make sure that it’s high quality. This means, you can’t use selfies or candid shots from your social media accounts. If you don’t have any idea about making a decent resume photo, just hire a professional photographer.

  • The Right Pose

Your resume photo should feature your “I’m the right guy for the job” kind of look. You should avoid exaggerated poses, or even hair styles that might be too distracting to viewers. We also mentioned in our previous guide to avoid wearing accessories like glasses and other eye-catching accessories. Stand in front of a mirror, and practice your pose before the shoot.

  • Too Much Filters

There is no rule that prohibits anyone from editing photos for resumes. If your looks can be enhanced without making you look like another person, then for all means, make yourself look good! The problem with most people these days is that they edit too much, making themselves unrecognizable in photos.

  • Use Honest Pictures

Last but the not the least, always try to express your personality through your photos. Having a good connection with your photographer allows you to explain the kind of pictures you need, and how they are supposed to represent your “true” self. All elements in the picture, which includes the background, lighting, and your pose, will have to work together in making your resume photo stand out from others.

What if you have a professionally taken photo a few years ago? Can you use it for your recent job hunt? Unless you have changed a lot – from the way your face looks to your hair style, you can still use old photos as long as they look like you. If you decide to take new photos, you can try to do it yourself, or hire a professional to do it. Either way, you can always come up with great-looking photos as long as you follow these simple guidelines.

Making Yourself Look Good

Since you’re going to use a photo of yourself in a resume, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making yourself look good. As long as you’re still recognizable in the photo, you might as well try to look more presentable and stand out from others. If you’re going to hire a photographer, there are still some things that you need to be aware of.

  • Hair and Make-up

Your hair and make-up are elements in your photo where you’re still in full control. The photographer, of course, won’t be able to create better-looking images of yourself while you’re wearing a ridiculous hair style and make-up. When it comes to these portrait elements, simplicity is the key. For men, it’s always best to have your hair brushed up, letting viewers focus more on your face. As for women, make sure to have your hair swept away from your face.

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The choice of make-up depends on your facial features – there are colors and textures that are perfect for dark colored individuals, and there are some that can only be used for lighter skin shades. Just make it simple – dark eyeliners are great for Friday night outs, but it’s not something you can use for resume photo sessions.

  • Clothing

The best kind of clothes you can wear in a resume photo is something that you often use at work. Dress shirts for example, are perfect since they are mostly plain and simple, and they don’t pull a lot of attention away from your face. Avoid wearing tank tops or strapless shirts for resume photos – they look unprofessional!

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If you are unsure about the clothes you’re going to wear in the shoot, try to ask your photographer about the commonly used clothing for resume photo shoots. Since they’ve done this kind of shoot before, they’re pretty knowledgeable about the right kind of clothes that you can wear. Of course, make sure that you choose clothes that are comfortable to wear.

  • Accessories

Your choice of accessories will greatly affect the look of your resume photo. It’s advisable to remove your glasses before the shoot – as we mentioned, you need to remove any possible distractions in your photo. If you like wearing accessories such as necklaces or earrings, avoid using large accessories with colors that are too vibrant.

Getting it right in the photo shoot will definitely make your resume photo stand out from others. Always remember to communicate with your photographer, especially when it comes to the right pose, angle, and facial expressions. Before the shoot, try to get enough rest so you can be more relaxed as you try to get your “hire me!” pose in front of the camera.

Looking for a Photographer?

Not everyone gets to hire a photographer every now and then, and if it’s your first time to need one, what do you do? Most photographers these days can be found online and it’s a great place to start – look for someone who has experience with shooting portraits for commercial and client-oriented purposes. If you know someone who only shoots landscapes, hiring that person to take portrait shots of yourself is the worst thing you can do – these kinds of photographers are great with shooting landscapes, not people.

Indoor female executive portrait

Useful questions to ask when hiring a photographer:

  • Can I see some of your previous projects?
  • Are you a member of a professional photographer association?
  • What kind of photography do you specialize in?
  • What does your fee include?
  • What do I need to prepare before the photo shoot?
  • In what way do I get the photos and when can I expect them?

Lastly, choose a photographer whom you can communicate with. If you meet someone who doesn’t respond after a few days, just move on and look for another photographer that’s willing to give you advice about the services you need. If you find this guide useful, please let us know in out contact page here. To get the latest tips in photography, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!

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