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What is corporate photography & steps to go on planning for it


Ask any public relations personnel, and they will tell you photos are the best tool to enhance your organisation’s image and branding. A Corporate photoshoot are photos taken of an entire organisation or key people in the company.  These photos are usually taken for company’s website, press kit, internal/external company’s newsletter, or even on social media sites.


There are many styles which you could use to create a variety of corporate photos. It does not have to limit to office background or a studio white background. For more ideas on how creative ideas for corporate photoshoot, you can check out our other materials.


If you would like to know how to go about planning the Corporate photography, please continue to read on.


  1. What is the purpose of the photoshoot

Check with marketing or public relations departments what will the photos be used for. E.g. Could it be for your company’s website? For industrial news articles, brochures or for social media? Your photo concept should be tailored to its purpose. If it is about the company’s culture, then you probably should have a fun shot, but if it is for industrial news site, then probably you would want a more formal shot or an in-business-action picture. If you are unsure of what concept should go along with, consult your corporate photographer.


  1.  Test out your shot & concept

If your organisation is planning is saving the cost of hiring a corporate photographer, then you’ll definitely need a pre-shoot test.  Gathering key people in your organisation or the entire staff is definitely a challenging task. Time is crucial for any business, so you only have that limited time to take the best shot. It will be a nightmare if the shoot did not turn out well,  and you have to arrange another photoshoot session again. Key items you have to look out for are: Lighting, framing and focus.

In contrast, if you’re engaging a photographer, then it is best if you clearly communicate your ideal photo concept to him/her.


  1. Meet with your professional photographer

If you’re not engaging a professional photographer, please move on to the next point.

One of the biggest mistake in most photoshoot is that they only met up with their photographer on the day of the shoot. Unless the shoot is taking place at a location familiar to the photographer, that’s fine. Visit the shoot location with your photographers to see your test pictures and for them to determine if they require to bring any other equipments to conduct the shoot.

Check with your photographers for usage of images. You have to clearly indicate that you are seeking for a work made for hire contract, which gives your company the rights to the photos, without crediting the photographer. By clearly communicating this with the photographer, it will avoid any misunderstandings in the future, and allow him/ her to quote you correctly.

  1. Notify people involved in the photoshoot.

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to organise a timing that fits everyone, so tell all the staff involved way in advance. Give them the time, date, duration and  purpose of the shoot so that they can plan their work schedules around the shoot. Also, provide them with the attire they should be in. Contact the building management to alert them about the photoshoot so that the phototaking session can go on smoothly without any cleaning, construction interruptions.


  1. Arrive on time

On the date of shoot, arrive earlier than the rest to set up the place or help the photographer. Arrange them with the test shots you took, and take the photographer take over.


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