5 secrets to getting a professional and nice headshot

Tips to getting a professional and nice headshot


Many actors and models often live and die by their headshots.

It is vital to have a corporate headshot as well. Take a look at our previous article to see why.


As according to the headline of this article, we will show you how to take a portrait photo that makes you look your best.


According to the Peter Hurley, a former major-league fashion model turned photographer, says he strives to create a photograph that is able to capture the attention of viewers. This includes: person’s facial expression, pose, and body languages. He continues, saying that each of us have a particular unique expression and gesture that defines our personalities. Thus, the photo has to be able to capture just that.


Get a photographer whom you’re comfortable with

The key to get your best shot is when a photographer knows how to make you feel at ease and comfortable. Imagine trying to force a smile for hours. The right photographer will try to talk to you, engage you and eventually your natural smile will evolve, dissolving any awkwardness and camera-shyness.

Indoor Corporate portrait

Good lighting

Any photographer would tell you lighting is the most important. Good lighting can help fill shadows, and create smooth and wrinkle-free complexions.

If you have been an avid fan of America’s Next Top Model, you should remember the countless times Judge Janice Dickinson advice the models on how they should “find the light and bathe in it”. Unless you have the right lighting tools, it is always best to work your shot in natural lighting. If you are an amateur photographer, you will probably need a few shots to get the perfect shot. You want the light to be cast on your cheek and brow bones, not fully sideways as it may cast unwanted shadows around your nose, eyes and mouth.

Finding your best angle

Your photographer should be skilled to find your most attractive angle, in other words, your best side. Even with a slight tilt or rotation of the face, it can make a difference in the image. Usually this involves analysing the features of the face and notice which angle looks the best. For example, find a side where the nose is straighter, or sharper angled jawline. Finding the right angle can either accentuate or conceal any flaws. This can be easily achieved with angles and lighting.

The thinker business man

Close-up shots

Having a more expressive and animated moveable features like your eyes, eyebrows and mouth,  brings out your headshot photo better. Sometimes, accessories like necklace or your clothes or even your neckline displays a story of you. In close-up shots, do note that the eyes should always be placed above the centerline to show the face’s natural symmetry.

Intense focused look

You probably have seen models using this look. This is the look that seem like the subject is reacting to something very serious or thinking intensely. While it takes a while to get that look perfected, once it is done to perfection, it can certainly get you that outstanding headshot.


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