5 Creative ideas for corporate photoshoot

5 Creative ideas for corporate photoshoot


If you are looking for more than a traditional studio corporate photoshoot, then this article is probably for you. Do not have limit yourself to a studio white background to show your professionalism. Well, of course that would also have to depend our your type of profession. Fun corporate shoots can also showcase both your professionalism and personality.  Creative professional shoot takes into account your interest, style and types of professionalism. Whether you are having the shoot in studio or at an outdoor location, the secrets to look fabulous remains the same: flattering light, pose, and clothes! For more on tips to look good in photos, you may refer to our article: Topic 16: how to take an outstanding photo for your resume ?
Or else, continue reading for creative ideas for your corporate photoshoot.

The man with his work in office

Candid shot that reflects your personality

If you would like to show your fun side to your clients, this is definitely the shot to take. Just by looking at the above photo, doesn’t it naturally puts a smile onto your face?

To get the most natural shot of yourself (it is definitely easy for anyone to notice if it is staged or posed), you will have to engaged a photographer whom you can connect well with. A good photography would have the right skills to make their subjects feel comfortable by conversing with them, thus dissolving any camera-shyness or awkwardness.

In action/ at workplace
This is probably the best way to show what you or your company does. Have the photo taken at natural habitat at your workplace and get the photographer capture you in action. The focus here is not on the subject, but rather, the things he/she does. Alternatively, you can take a photo with your office as the background. You are proud of your workspace, aren’t you?

Using your office’s aesthetic
Banana Republic has proved that a simple staircase and chair (plus a dog) can even make a photo look fun. Don’t be afraid to make use of office’s tools and props!

Environmental portrait of male executive

A different pose
Instead of the usual all-professional – upright sitting posture, lean forward and look directly at the camera. It creates a friendly, warmer feeling as though you are catching up with a friend and leaning forward to have a conversation.

Double exposure

This is probably only appropriate if you are in the creative and media industry. Other than showcasing your creativity, these photos will definitely stand out from everybody else.

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