27 Brilliant art direction in advertisements


Each year, advertising agencies set the bar higher by producing some of the most stunning and brilliant advertisements for their clients.

The most challenging part of print advertising  is to be able to convey the story without saying much. This requires high level of creativity and the ability to combine design, copywriting, and photography together to articulate a brand’s values, features, as well as tapping to the audience’s emotions.

Art directors strive for creating powerful messages through their creativity. With the use of different visual platforms, like the ones we see on billboards, newspapers, and web pages, we dedicate this feature blog post to the ones who made a huge impact with by making their creations stand out in the competitive world of advertising in marketing. If your goal is be a creative art director in photography, you can definitely learn from their examples

Here are 10 print ads that deserve to be commended for their brilliance and art direction skills. Hopefully, these will inspire you to create your own piece.


  1. Robin Wood – Destroying nature is destroying life.
Robin Wood – Destroying nature is destroying life.

Robin Wood, a environmental activists, wanted to raise public awareness of the ongoing destruction of animals’ natural habitats. The campaign cleverly illustrates how human actions are destroying animals lives by using powerful CG visuals.


  1. ASICS
ASICS LA Marathon – L.A. landmarks

ASICS, title sponsor of the ASICS LA Marathon, had produced a beautiful crafted ad which shows key L.A. landmarks on the bottom of an ASICS shoe.This includes, Downtown LA Skyline, the HOLLYWOOD Sign, Chinatown, Santa Monica Pier etc.


  1. Pedigree
Pedigree – Controlling the dog

Doesn’t this ad immediately place a smile on our face? It depicts using their treats as a way to “Control” dogs to be on their best behavior. Such a great execution of ad.


  1. Mcdonald’s
McDonalds – French Fries

Yet another innovative advertisement from Mcdonald’s. It features a box of fries, carved directly out of the very ingredient from which they are made from.


  1. French Ministry of Health
French Ministry of Health – obesity starts at a young age.

I absolutely love this ad. This campaign highlights the growing issue of obesity in children. The copy reads ““L’obesite commence des le plus jeune age,” which means “Obesity starts at a young age”


  1. Chupa Chups
Chupa Chups – it’s sugar free

Chupa chups released this ad to promote that their lollipops are Sugar Free.


  1. Volkswagen
Volkswagen’s new park assist campaign to promote precision parking

This brilliant advertisement by Volkswagen was to promote their new park assist function


  1. Rolling Stones
Rolling stone italia DLVBBDO using ribcage to illustrates guitar
Rolling stone italia DLVBBDO

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rolling Stone Italia, Dlvbbdo, an advertising agency and students from Accademia di Comunicazione, came together to design a print ad that featured a metallic guitar-shaped ribcage with a heart.


  1. Pedigree
Pedigree – A dog makes your life happier

Another brilliant print ad from Pedigree. This series uses same images of a man alone and when paired with a dog. It highlights how a canine companion can transform how we feel when the man stands alone compared to when he has a dog besides him. This is probably one of the most effective images I’ve seen


  1.  Ride Your Way
Honda – Ride your way

Honda’s ad for their “ride your way” slogan


  1. Dentiste Paris Loft
We Dont like yellow Dentiste Paris Loft

“We don’t like yellow” campaign advertisement from Dentiste Paris Loft


  1. Softens Even the Toughest
Softens even the toughest – StaSoft

What’s up: Humorous advertisement for the company’s “Softens even the toughest” tagline


  1. Hard Rock
Marshall Headphones – Hard Rock

Marshall’s creative ad, turning a normal “rock” into “hard rock”


  1. Bread and Breakfast
B&B Hotel – Bed and Breakfast

This ad literally represents bed and breakfast from B&B Hotels


  1. Plastic Bottle inside Sardines
Ondazul NGO – Plastic bottle inside sardines

Ondazul NGO came up with this advertisement with the tagline “Is it what you expect to find in the sea? Neither do the fishes”


  1. Drive Safely
BBDO – Don’t drive sleepy project

The advertisement is part of BBDO’s “Don’t Drive Sleepy Project”


  1. Keloptic

A moving campaign involving two art forms from Keloptic


  1. The Woman and the Sea
Manix Lubricant – A Woman and the Sea

A classic yet interesting use of subliminal messages from Manix Lubricant


  1. Night Time
Nivea Man Night Time

An ad inspired by how nighttimes look as the moon shines from Nivea.


  1. A Scary Halloween
Pepsi – Happy Halooween

An outrageous Halloween campaign from the Pepsi Company


  1. Liking Is Not Helping
CSR – Liking isn’t helping

This campaign strongly suggest that “liking, isn’t helping” – from CRS


  1. Omax
Omax – Wide angle lenses

An interesting use of photography elements in advertisement from Omax


  1. From China to Australia

The ad simply shows how they do it in FedEx


  1. The Lego Tank
Lego – Tank

This advertisement from Lego creatively shows how kids imagine things around them


  1. Butter X Jason
Bioenergy Nutrition – promotes health benefits of low cholesterol levels

A campaign from Bioenergy Nutrition that promotes the health benefits of low cholesterol levels


  1. Reality Sucks
Utopolis – Reality Sucks

A funny interpretation of what really happens in real life from Utopolis


  1. Adidas  
Adidas: Forever Sport

I’ve added it in because it shows us how print ads does not limit our ideas into a single page.  I love the idea that they made use of the fold as part of their design.

We hope that these examples help you on your way into becoming a creative art director in photography. What about you? What’s your favorite creative use of imagery in advertising and marketing campaigns? Don’t hesitate to give your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also reach us through our contact page here.

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